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The latest personalised lullaby to our collection

‘Nocturne Per il Bambino’ or nocturne for the child is our newest addition to the Lullaby Lu collection.  Nocturne is a word used to describe music that is inspired by, or evocative of, the night – dreamy, pensive, soft.

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We’re proud to introduce our fully bespoke lullabies

Our personalised lullabies make the perfect keepsake to last a lifetime. With a choice of packages to suit your requirements, these unique gifts are as special as the little ones who’ll receive them.

Why choose Lullaby Lu?

Lullaby Lu is something new and different. With a soft vintage style, it offers a product that is recognisable and distinctive, unusual and unique, and as special as the babies and children who’ll receive them. Why choose Lullaby Lu? Here’s why…

The Lullabies

Lullabies have been used for hundreds of years as a way of gently calming and soothing babies to sleep. They traditionally use a 3/4 or 6/8 time signature that creates a rhythm emulating a rocking or swinging motion, a musical swing to lull baby into a peaceful sleep.

Bespoke lullabies are written from scratch, from the music to the melody to the lyrics to the final arrangement and recording. Every note and every word is written with your child in mind, so that it truly is your baby’s own lullaby. You can give as much or as little detail as you wish towards the composition, and every effort will be made to incorporate the sentiment and detail that you wish to include.

Personalised lullabies already exist within the Lullaby Lu Collection, but are original works and are only available from Lullaby Lu. These are, therefore, still a personal and special option, and with the lullaby already written they do not take as much time to process as the bespoke, and are hence lower in price. However, each personalised lullaby is recorded especially with the name required, and therefore remains a very special and unique musical gift.

*To enhance the vintage feel of the music, a light vinyl crackle can be applied to the tracks for an authentic sound. The crackling even creates a white noise element for the lullaby and can even aid baby’s sleep! This is optional and should be requested at time of ordering.

The artwork

Whether your lullaby is bespoke or personalised, you can choose to include artwork displaying the lullaby lyrics, your child’s full name and date of birth. Whether framed and on the wall, or as a greetings card for a shelf or as a keepsake, the artwork comprises beautiful vintage baby images and motifs, and incorporates your child’s star sign, birth flower and birth stone. Birth stones are marked with a genuine Swarovski crystal that shimmers and sparkles in the light. As with the bespoke lullabies, all artwork can be discussed and a specific colour or theme included to make it as personal and special as possible.

The CD’s

The CD’s mimic the good old traditional vinyl records, and come in a simple card sleeve. The centre of the CD is printed with the child’s name. A novelty in themselves!

Your Lullaby Lu

While we have created a number of packages and options to hopefully suit most requirements, please do not hesitate to ask if there is something specific that you would like to see included or excluded in any of the packages. We will do our absolute best to accommodate.

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Click the play button below to listen to one of our bespoke lullabies

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