Good morning all!  In case you did actually blink and miss it, we are now in February – can you believe it!!?  The year is well and truly rolling on and Christmas now seems an age ago.  My parents always said ‘you think time is going fast – wait ’til you get to my age!’, and with every month that passes time definitely seems to speed up.  They must be right.

Finding Lullaby Lu’s Cyber Voice!

So this week, a fabulous website for mums, mums-to-be and indeed any interested parties released a lovely piece on Lullaby Lu that is to run for two weeks.  It really is a very strange thing to see Lullaby Lu featured on another site, and to hear another cyber voice speaking to our potential audience about us.  It’s fantastic!  Quite often we need to hear something from another person or source before our heads are actually turned and we sit up and listen.  We believe whole heartedly in our lullabies, and in their standing as a completely unique and special personalised baby gift, but our cyber voice can only reach so far!  We are hoping that our cyber voice will grow in volume and strength with each passing month, and will become a cyber choir that sings purposefully to all those just not really sure that another personalised baby grow is quite what they’re after….

Planning our Publicity Journey…

Well, much like our own rail services the publicity train is not a straight forward, direct or indeed cheap service.  We cannot be the only new business that has eagerly waited at the station, full of anticipation and good intentions, ready to promote and advertise and market until we are quite literally blue in the face – and then realise with a sinking heart that we cannot afford the hefty ticket price.  Yep, it hits with the force of a swift slap to the face.  You find yourself still at the station, perhaps a little chilly, watching the train speed off into the distance without you on it and for a while you feel panicked, lonely and a little left behind.  Been there!  In fact I find myself there quite often, but every now and then a train does come in that takes pity on the cold, eager passenger and welcomes them aboard with a little compromise and often a little luck.

I am realising that as a small business my publicity journey is going to be a tough one for now.  I am going to have to do a lot of walking, running, chasing of passing trains and working and hoping hard that every now and then a train will come in that I can climb aboard!  It’s going to be a long and obstacle filled journey, but one way or another Lullaby Lu will make it down the line and will reach Success Central, even if it means a few stops at ‘Not Interested’ and ‘We’re Not Listening’ along the way.

So listen out – because our voice, cyber or otherwise is going to get louder!  Our publicity train rides are going to increase in frequency, and Lullaby Lu’s personal baby gift service will be the talk of every town!  You just never know which train will cut you a break and take you directly to the heart of your final destination…


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