Good morning!  And what a gorgeous one it is, well it is here anyway – sun is shining, the air is cold and crisp, and Chris Evans mentioned that the end of the week could see temperatures of 16 degrees – could spring be merely a knock on the door away…!?  There’s nothing like that first day of sitting outside in the garden, on slightly damp wooden chairs, wrapped up in a coat to protect against the chilly breeze but partnered with those moments of warm sun on your face….

Another Mother’s Day

So that’s another one done!  The fifth of my maternal career.  It was a lovely day spent with family, and involved coffee (of course, my day is never complete without it), home made cards, play time on a pebbly beach, fish and chips, chocolate (gifted to me and quite promptly eaten) and lots of cuddles.  A truly lovely Sunday made even better by the sun and its warm rays that managed to penetrate the cold wind more often than we thought it would.  I’m certain spring is waiting on the doorstep, daffodils in hand and a fist full of gorgeous weather at the ready…I know I’ll greet it soon and will exchange my thick padded duvet of a coat for its wonderful gifts…

There are lots of little lambs jumping around in the fields, we see them on our drive to school each day.  And our garden is getting busier with the bunnies and squirrels making regular appearances.  It truly is such a wonderful time of year when the weather deigns to fall in line!  My elder daughter was born in April, and when it comes to babies and lullabies, writing for a spring baby is a real joy.  March and April have daffodil and sweetpea or daisy as their birth flowers respectively, flowers that embody spring and the bright colours that we associate with these first blooms.  Aquamarine and diamond are the birth stones, pale in colour but as sparkly as a stone can be, reflecting the stronger sun and throwing rainbows around as if there were fireworks hidden within each one.

A Spring Time Lullaby for a Special Baby

Don’t forget, as spring enters and those tiny little bundles of joy are born into the world, Lullaby Lu are here to give them that extra special gift that will capture the beauty and promise of their birth months as well as their own special qualities.  Spring can go on forever as their lullabies are played to them through the year, and the twinkle of a diamond or aquamarine crystal can continue to entrance far beyond the early spring months.

We will have more lullabies and some other special additions in the not too distant future.  Think Lullaby Lu – and give the gift of music!

Listen to our personalised lullabies here