Good morning all – I trust we are all well and hopefully staring at some sun, even though it has lost a little of its punch since last weekend.  Before mentioning lullabies……did you watch Eurovision!?  I must confess…. I did!   But as someone who has chosen music as a career path I suppose you could say it was all in the name of research.  Without getting embroiled in a Eurovision debate, I must say that I thought our guys, Jo and Jake (who apparently contemplated merging their names and becoming ‘Joke’ – maybe a touch of humour would have helped!?) did a great job.  And I thought the song was good – it was up-beat, it was catchy, it had a positive, unifying message and they performed it really well.  If you were looking at songs alone, I would definitely have rated them higher, and regardless of the final result, I think they represented their country superbly, and should be very proud.  Well done Jo and Jake.  God job my friends!

Maybe a lullaby next year?  Send the audience to sleep….they defnitely needed to calm down a bit….

Lullaby Lu’s Global Appeal

Yes!!  So I am making this a quick blog entry as I am itching to get to the keyboard and start writing a special lullaby that will be winging its way to……Australia!!  We’ve not had one fly that way yet, so we are really pleased to know that Lullaby Lu is spreading itself slowly but surely around the world!  Of course, as with the other lullabies that have whizzed across the seas, this one will carry a very important message to a new born little girl, and her two siblings.  The sender lives in the UK, and is therefore far, far away from the family who have just welcomed their third baby into the world.  This lullaby will make sure that all three siblings know that they are loved and being thought about by their family across the sea.  As a gift, I can’t help but feel that a bespoke lullaby is the perfect vehicle for delivering a heartfelt and personal message.  It is there to be played at any time, and hopefully to be learnt and sung by other friends and family, so that it embeds itself into the heart and memories of a family that are spread around the globe.

And on that note, I must go and make this bespoke lullaby happen!  I think it’s fair to say that I love my job!

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Have a wonderful week.