Good afternoon all!  I hope you are all well and enjoying the small glimpses of spring that we keep getting in between storms and rather chilly temperatures!  It’s so close….so close….

My Baby turns 6

Yep, it is a birthday week here at Lullaby Lu marking six years since the birth of my first daughter.  I was asked today if it feels like six years, and the answer is undoubtedly ‘no’.  It feels like a mere moment in time since I was walking out of the hospital carrying my little baby in her car seat, slightly shell shocked and dealing with the sheer enormity of the responsibility I was taking on.  It may as well have been a quantum leap from that point to this for all the time it seems to have taken.  My little baby is now a very smart, a very beautiful and very funny little girl who is growing and maturing into an exceptional young lady.  If I blink now I just know I’ll find myself at her graduation…

So this week has been a little less about Lullaby Lu and a little more about balloons, party bags and cakes!  Oh the cakes….that annual expectation and ultimately mind shattering pressure that comes with ‘the cake’.  Thankfully this year I have had no specific details relayed regarding this, so I have taken this as a license to keep it simple this year – no rainbow , 6-tiered, Frozen, glittery unicorn cake stress for this mummy!  And yes, I realise this may result in a little touch of ‘cake disappointment’, but I shall be using colour and sparkle to hopefully counter any disappointment at lack of tiers, characters and general amazingness….fail safe, right?!

Further to my daughter’s birthday, it is also Lullaby Lu’s first ‘official’ birthday!!  One year of lullabies and making lovely gifts for babies and children. It’s been an amazing year, but ah….Lullaby Lu, you are still so young, and have your whole life ahead of you – to think what you could be, and what you will become…

Stall at Rugrats in Banbury Next Week

Yes Lullaby Lu will be at Rugrats in Banbury next week spreading the word about our lovely, unique musical gifts.  If you are local, come along and have a look and a listen over a coffee while the little ones run off some steam!

Right, it is time to go and prepare for cookie making which will commence shortly after school pick up.  We will return next week with our NEW LULLABY!!  Until then, have a great week.


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