Well, today truly feels like an autumn day.  The leaves are piled up on the ground outside, the air is cold and it’s pretty dim out there as well.  It was fantastic for my daughters’ school fireworks last night though (no rain!!), cold and clear which complimented the hot mulled wine and hotdogs to perfection.  Whilst standing in the school playground waiting for the big fireworks display I chatted to a number of parents who said that they want to buy lullabies as gifts for their children at Christmas, and not just teeny tiny children, but older children too.  Many of them are sometimes away from their children for work or at weekends, and they all said that to have their own special lullaby to be played for their children somehow bridges the distance and makes being away from each other just that little bit easier…

Let Your Deepest Feelings and Aspirations for your Child Travel with Ease into Their Hearts…

The idea of a lullaby representing a musical bridge is actually a perfect way of capturing what our lullabies are all about, and also helps to conceive of the idea that they work for older children as well as babies.  Music has this funny way of sticking in our minds – we have all found ourselves singing along to a song on the radio, wondering how in the world we seem to know every lyric!  The words and the melodies seem to pour through our consciousness and settle just within the boundaries of our sub-conscience, just waiting for something to bring them straight back into our consciousness as if they had literally been there the entire time.

A lullaby is a musical bridge

A lullaby is a musical bridge

I think what changes as babies grow into toddlers and toddlers grow into young boys and girls is their ability to willingly call a song to return to their conscious mind.  As babies we play or sing their lullaby to them, and in this way it embeds itself into their subconscious and builds a familiarity and awareness of the melody and the words .  As they get older, they begin to understand the lyrics, learn the lyrics and know the melody until their lullaby just exists in their own mental jukebox, ready to be brought to life with just the will to do so.  In that capacity, their lullaby is a portable comforter accessible anywhere, any time.  The lullaby’s emotional value and numerous benefits seem to grow and develop with the child.

A Musical Bridge for Christmas

You know that we have our special ‘Christmas Wish’ package designed and composed specifically for Christmas, and we are busy taking orders for those.  But don’t forget, the lullabies themselves also make exceptionally personal and special gifts for Christmas too.  We are ready to create their lullaby, your moment together, for now, for tomorrow, forever…

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