Hello all!  Another blog and two days late in coming unfortunately.  This time I can blame the Easter holidays that began for my two girls on Friday of last week.  It’s amazing how so much can get in the way when trying to sit down and type for a few minutes…

Easter Babies

So there are Easter babies EVERYWHERE!  Four-legged as well as two-legged!  Yesterday we went to a lovely farm just half an hour’s drive from us where children can play and also see all the animals there.  They have giant, yes GIANT bunnies that you can go and join in their pens!  They are the cutest, cuddliest balls of fluff you will ever lay eyes on…but I digress, they did not have babies.   The sheep however were all inside their pens either relaxing in the soft straw clearly days away from their ‘due dates’, or in the ‘any minute now’ enclosure where the sheep seemed a lot more alert and sharing a ‘was that a contraction??!’ look of nervousness.  It was in this particular pen of anticipation that myself and my younger daughter saw a lamb being born – the first was already out and doing very well stumbling around on its new, 5 minute old legs, and mum successfully pushed the second baby lamb out with little stress and no intervention from Mr Farmer.  It was a lovely moment!  Throw in the baby cows and it was a fabulous outing full of cuteness and loveliness.

The birth of new life with the backdrop of spring flowers and budding trees is definitely inspiration for a lullaby or two.  It brings to mind one specific lullaby that most will know – ‘Baby Mine’ from Dumbo (yes, the Disney film about the elephant with the massive ears….that could fly….).  That is such a beautiful lullaby, made all the more poignant when you picture little Dumbo being rocked in his mother’s trunk while she is locked away in jail (*sob*, *sniff*).  If you haven’t heard it or seen it, YouTube should be your next port of call.  Oh, perhaps after you’ve grabbed a handful of tissues….

New Lullaby Launch After Easter

Our new lullaby will be ready and on the website after the Easter weekend, so keep your eyes open (and your ears!)… We are really proud of it, and it is rapidly nudging its way up to ‘favourite’ in our lullaby listings – my two girls already know it verbatim and request it as their ‘car music’.  We will hopefully be visiting a few local children’s play areas soon to spread the Lullaby Lu word, and we will definitely have our beautiful new lullaby ready – nothing like telling mums, grandparents, mums-to-be and…well, everyone else quite frankly…about Lullaby Lu face to face.

Happy Easter!!!

Until then, a massive Happy Easter to you all!  We hope you have a lovely long weekend with family and lots of chocolate (and a little sunshine – surely that’s not much to ask!?)!  Have fun, and we will be back next week ready for operation ‘lullaby launch!’  If you are looking for the perfect gift for a new baby or special little one in your life, don’t forget to have a look at our lullaby packages…we have just what you are looking for! See our packages HERE