Inspiration – It’s a Temperamental Character!

Greetings one and all – welcome to Lullaby Lu’s third blog.  It is hard to believe we are already staring the end of January square in the face!! Where is the time going?

This week is all about inspiration – what ignites the flare and creativity within and spurs you on to create something amazing!  I have written songs for as long as I care to remember, but there are always those days when I sit at my keyboard and feel…..NOTHING!  Those days can be ever so tiresome, and have quite often lead to my walking away and giving up the ghost.  But then there are those days when I will be driving along in the car, or walking in town, and a melody or a lyric will just land boldly and effortlessly in the centre of my head, and I cannot wait to get home and start working on a new masterpiece!  Inspiration has deigned to call!  Who knows how long she will stay?!  Inspiration is one fickle and flaky lady…

Lullaby Lu’s Inspiration can be Coaxed…!

Emotion can certainly charm inspiration into rearing its illustrious head, all emotions including the ‘negative’ can unleash the creative flare, often with a vengeance.  This is why I LOVE writing the bespoke lullabies.  The information and details provided by clients forges a huge cloud of emotion, sometimes full of happiness, sometimes tinged with a little melancholy, but whatever the emotion it immediately arms me with bucket-fulls of inspiration.  It is such a special thing to translate someone’s thoughts and words into a soft, personalised musical lullaby.  They are so rich with meaning and so charged with feeling that inspiration positively cascades (another reason we put the ‘personal’ into ‘personalised’!  To read more on that one, have a look at last week’s blog Putting the Personal into Personalised)

…But – there are always those things that, for whatever reason, always manage to entice inspiration into our day.  We are all different, and we all need inspiration for a whole assortment of reasons, but we all have those secret things that spark the creativity or power the imagination.

Obviously, my inspiration needs to fuel new and beautiful lullabies, and to help compose melodies and lyrics that continue to be the perfect personalised baby gift – I need to unlock the ideas vault and set originality FREEEEEEE to pour copiously into my piano playing fingers!!  For this to happen, I need the perfect setting and this always requires…. a scented candle.

YES!  I am a scented candle addict, and just the candle alone can really pull me out of Nothing-Ville and straight into the throng of Creativity Central!  Today is all about green fig and walnut, and its amazingly fresh and stimulating scent is already evoking the senses and seems to be saying ‘stop typing and get onto that keyboard!’, which I will, shortly…

Indulge My Inspiration!

It is safe to say that Inspiration can sometimes need a little coaxing.  I shall be burning my scented candles at both ends to build Lullaby Lu’s Collection of lullabies, to bring our personalised musical gifts for baby to those who’ll love them and to try and make Lullaby Lu the best it can possibly be.  But most of all, I call upon all you lovely readers to feed my inspiration with the chance to write some wonderful bespoke lullabies for some very special souls.  Remember us when you are looking for the perfect personalised baby gift!  Think Lullaby Lu….and give the gift of music.

Come and listen to some samples of bespoke lullabies that I have already had the pleasure of composing… Bespoke Lullabies

Have an amazing and inspirational week.