No, sorry, if you only briefly read the title and clicked expecting to read about a newly discovered 100 carat, sparkly diamond that has just hit the market then I have to disappoint.  We are, in fact, being metaphorical (but like me, feel free to ponder the ‘lullaby diamond’ and what it would look like, you know, just for a short while).

Our diamond, the one to which we are referring, is any one of our personalised lullabies. ‘What?!’ I hear you say, ‘a lullaby is like a diamond?! Naaaahhhhh!’….. Well, hold up, step with me for one moment into the comparison zone and let me explain!

A Lullaby is Precious

Like a diamond, our lullabies are precious, valuable things that should be treasured.  No you can’t wear them on your fingers or around your neck when the mood takes you.  No you can’t take them to a valuer and have a stonkingly high price placed on their existence.  Lullabies go beyond this – far beyond!  A lullaby is priceless.  It represents love, devotion and a time so special and yet so short in those early days when baby is small.  And these diamonds don’t need to be ‘worn’ on the outside, and stored in safes until the rare occasion arises when they get to see the light of day.  These diamonds, our lullabies, can be carried always, from within.  They rest safely in the vaults of our minds, ready to be held and experienced whenever we wish them to be.

A Lullaby Sparkles

A diamond’s many facets reflect light and cause it to sparkle, something so spellbinding and beautiful that we never seem to tire of seeing it.  Each word and note within our lullaby’s melody and lyrics are the facets within the diamond.  Each lullaby’s cut is unique, sculpted to reflect personal details, sentiments and memories.  Because of this, each lullaby is the brightest and most sparkly of its kind, because each one shines and sparkles with meaning and emotion that is unique to whomever possesses it.

A Lullaby Endures

Just like diamonds, lullabies can exist indefinitely.  A diamond’s bonds are strong and cannot easily be broken.  A lullaby, once written, recorded and listened to is then unbreakable.  How do you destroy a song that you already have stored in your memory?  Even if a lullaby is left unheard or unsung for a while after it has been initially discovered, like a diamond it does not lose its power.  A little dusting and polishing brings it instantly back to life, and before you know it you have a glittering, spell binding gem once more that evokes memories and feelings of the deepest nature.

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