Hello my trusty lullaby friends…. I hope you are all well, and that those with children are enjoying or at the very least, surviving the Easter holidays!  Not long to go now….

One Baby in America…

So this week we sent a beautiful personalised Dream package off to a lovely lady who wanted ‘something special’ for her precious new niece.  I always enjoy creating these packages knowing that they are for a little baby out there somewhere, loved and adored by their parents.  Creating the artwork is something I really enjoy, incorporating the various elements like their star sign so that the imagery reflects all of them in a unique, vintage style piece.  And then there is personalising the lullaby of choice – I find it so interesting to see which lullaby people choose.  This time around the favourite was ‘Lullaby Lu’, our signature lullaby!  I can see why, it promises support and a lifetime of love, and captures the awe in finally meeting baby for the first time, ‘imagination could never conjure your face, nor more contented a place, you are the reason for each day.’

To top it off, this particular package is winging its way to America!!  A very exciting adventure for the pink tissue paper and ribbons!  I hope it travels well and gets there unscathed…. Just call us Lullaby Lu – the international baby gift business….

New Lullaby Launch

I have mentioned it before, but I shall mention it again as we are creeping ever closer to the launch of our new lullaby!  You are going to LOVE this one, we do, it has a very calm and serene melody and some lovely harmonies.  Interestingly, the lyrics could quite easily be relevant to all ages, not just babies and small children.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts and shall let you know when you can hear this new addition for yourselves…

Until then, have a wonderful rest of your week and we shall be back soon with more lullaby news and nonsense..!  Why don’t you have a little listen to ‘Lullaby Lu’ in the meantime? Listen to Lullaby Lu in personalised lullabies