Morning all – SUCH a long time since I wrote last – that’s school summer holidays for you!  And the end of term for you, which did not disappoint with costume finding, award ceremony attending, concert watching and teacher present buying and wrapping!  We are nearly through the first week of our summer holidays, and I have to say it has been lovely having calm, relaxed days with my two reasons for living (the third is at work all the time and the fourth, our cocker spaniel, is currently convalescing in a den following a horrid slipped disc at the weekend).  But Lullaby Lu is still here!  Albeit a little distracted by sibling bickering and the unending cycle of cleaning up behind two imaginative and creative little girls….

Lullaby Lu are Semi-Finalists Again!

Yes, it is that time of the year again when the UK Song Writing Contest is in full swing, and we proudly presented our latest lullaby, ‘Nocturne per il Bambino’ to the judges for their keen and expert scrutiny.  To our absolute delight, shortly after submitting our lullaby, its entry status was changed to….. SEMI FINALIST!!  Thrilled would be an understatement, there is something just immeasurable about being rated by people who live and breathe music and song writing, but to put it into context for you, they say that less than 20% of songs entered into the contest make it through to the semi-finals – this is less than 20% of thousands of entries.

The next stage is the finals, and we will obviously be sitting with fingers and toes crossed for our lullaby to make it into this even greater realm, but for now we are extremely proud of our semi-finalist position and take it as confirmation from the professionals that Lullaby Lu are writing superb lullabies!

Personalised is Perfect

We love our lullabies, but we love them even more with the names of your special little ones sung lovingly into them.  Music is so important for babies and young children and benefits them on a wide variety of levels, but most importantly it is a unique and potent medium to express love and devotion.  Ever found yourself singing a song from your past that you haven’t heard for AGES, and surprising yourself at remembering every lyric perfectly?  Such is the power of music on memory.  Ever heard a song from your past that transports you back to playing in your bedroom at home, or dancing in your common room at school, or even travelling in the car with your family?  Such is the power of music on association and again, nurturing memories.

We have a very special, personalised gift here just waiting for you – so please remember us when you are seeking that perfect and heartfelt present for a special little one.  Think Lullaby Lu and give the gift of music…

Until next time… x