Hi!  So today I’ve decided to blog about motivation…and on a Monday… yeah, two things not likely to be compatible I hear you say.  Most see Monday as a negative construct, an unofficial confirmation that marks the dullness and pointlessness of life as it is known.  Another week, more hard slog to wade through in order to get to that dim, distant light that is the next weekend…

There is one guy with whom I am friends on Facebook who NEVER thinks like this.  He posts every Monday with a driving, positivity packed, encouragement focused status that tells all who may read it to get up, get out there, and see Monday as though it is the start of a fresh new adventure.  I know there are some who read these posts and quickly mutter some expletives under their breath at the audacity of some people – how dare they be so spritely and throw such a rosy glow on the usual Monday misery.  But I am one of those who reads them and finds myself being reminded that how something is perceived is directly linked and controlled by your own attitude towards it.

Motivation is such a fickle thing for some, for others it is like a constantly burning fire that is fuelled by everything around them.  I wish I were one of those people, but sadly I don’t think I am.  My fire is always burning, but at such different levels – some days it has enough heat to equal the sun, other days it is a mere ember desperately trying to hold onto a glow.  In other words, it is something that requires work and persistence and a constant search for fuel.  But the main thing is, I know it is necessary for my ultimate goals to be realised.

Lullaby Lu is my creation, and my dream.  I am working on something that involves creating music and doing what I love for a living.  But like everything, it won’t just become a blinding success on its own merit.  I can see where I want it to get to, I can picture how I want my business to look in a few years time, but to get there, to actually touch those ideals I need to pave a specific and thought out plan which involves taking steps towards it every single day.  And to add insult to injury, I KNOW that the path I plan, however carefully, WILL change, WILL re-direct, WILL see me going backwards at times in order to move forwards – but I have come to realise that this is the fundamental nature of the journey to success in anything.

If you believe in yourself and the dream that you hold, what lies between your self belief and that bigger picture is merely a number of logistical steps.  Steps that you can plan and put in place, that you can physically get up and make happen.  But to get those steps ready, the motivation has to continue to burn.

So on this slightly damp and grey summer morning, I am going to busy myself with lots of Lullaby Lu related things that have to be done, each of which will edge me ever closer to the ultimate goal.  As I work, I will gather the wood and kindling needed to keep the motivational fires burning – a sense of achievement, a feeling of pride, a glance at my family and what my business could do for them.  The fuel is everywhere, in everything, an infinite supply – as long as you allow yourself to find it.

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Happy Motivational Monday everyone!