Ahhhh, a gorgeous sunny day, and a sun with a bit of strength behind it!!  I will not question where it has been all this time for fear of scaring it away, but my oh my, I am pretty darned pleased to see it.  If it were a person I would be offering it drinks and possibly money to ensure it wanted to stick around…..

One Dose of Lullaby to be taken Once Daily…

Hahaha, can you imagine!?  You go to the doctors and tell them you can’t sleep, and they give you a prescription for a lullaby.  You would find yourself immediately in that limbo-like state of disbelief initially, not knowing whether to laugh or accept the remedy, but I’m pretty sure the final reaction would be to ask in as bewildered a way as possible….’Are you KIDDING me!?!?’.  BUT – while doctors are not likely to hand you a prescription for this particular treatment, there are some pros out there who would definitely support a little lullaby magic to help you get to sleep at night.

This week I have been reading up on all the benefits music can have for us.  There are so many studies that have found fascinating responses to music in a number of settings.  Pain relief, lowered heart rates, improved memory and reduced stress – these are all included in the list of benefits found so far.  Soft, calming music can therefore have the ability to slow our breathing and our heart rates, distracting our busy minds and allowing us to fall asleep when perhaps we are struggling to do so.  In an article on music and sleep it was said that ‘music has highly significant potential as a sleep aid:  it is low cost, portable, adaptable for individual tastes and side effect free’ (Music and Sleep, 2014: Musicpsychology.co.uk).

A Music Vitamin

In terms of children and babies, one particular article captured the essence of what music can mean, stating, ‘For very young children, music has power and meaning that go beyond words’ (Parlakian and Lerner, 2010, ‘Beyond Twinkle Twinkle’).  That lullaby isn’t just a song, it’s a means of communicating love and affection, it’s a platform for developing language and word recognition, it’s a memory strengthener as they listen to it night after night and it’s a way of promoting attachment, self soothing and relaxation.  Just like a daily vitamin tablet, a night time lullaby can clearly offer an array of benefits!

 Lullaby Lu ‘Extra Strength’!

So think about it – these amazing potential benefits of a night time lullaby can only be further enhanced with a lullaby that is personal to the baby or child listening to it.  They hear their name, they can hear that they are loved and cherished, and with a bespoke lullaby they can hear even more personal details that they will begin to recognise and remember while they settle at night and drift off to sleep.  Their very own, personal lullaby really can have power and meaning that go beyond words.

SO – give us a go!  We really can offer you a unique and precious gift that can last a lifetime!  Until next time my friends, – Think Lullaby Lu and give the gift of music –


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