Greetings all!  I must confess it has been two weeks since my last Lullaby Lu update, we have been busy busy busy with lots of things!

We Launched our New Lullaby

Yes!!  We finally launched our new, super lovely lullaby ‘Nocturne per il Bambino’.  We are so in love with this lullaby, and are so pleased it has finally found its way into the Lullaby Lu Collection.  This lullaby sings about the magic of itself believe it or not, ‘Nocturne’ being the word given to music that eludes to, or is evocative of, the night.  Nocturne per il Bambino is by definition, night music for your child and carries a serene and soothing melody (as to be expected), calming them as if they were the music itself; ‘Adagio’, ‘pianissimo’, or ‘slowly’ and ‘quietly’.  It delivers the fundamental message at the heart of our lullabies – ‘This is your song, your theme, your nocturne’.  You MUST have a listen to it!

We Visited Rugrats and Halfpints in Banbury

Last week we spent the day at Rugrats, playing our lullabies (both personalised and bespoke!) and had examples of our packages out on display.  Children are always laughing and shouting and having so much fun at Rugrats, it is lovely to see so many little people having such a wonderful time.  The baby and toddler sensory area is particularly fabulous, with amazing interactive light and sound displays (rainbow lights and tinkly bells – I may have zoned out staring at them for the odd moment while I was there.  Thankfully I resisted the impulse to barge my way through and press all the buttons myself).

It was a fun day, and we thank Rugrats for their hospitality and for accommodating us so willingly!!

Lots of Personalised Lullaby Packages Have Been Sent to some Lovely New Babies

We have been busy with lots of personalised packages recently.  I really enjoy finding out what people choose for their special little ones, which package, which lullaby, which colour frame or tissue paper.  It is a real snapshot each time of differing combinations of all these things that come together to make each package unique and wonderful.  We have seen ‘Magic’ being the favourite lullaby of choice, as it has been in the past.  I wonder if ‘Nocturne per il Bambino’ will give it a run for its money!?

Well, with that I will bid you adieu for this week.  We have more exciting things in the pipeline which we will hopefully  be able to unveil in the not too distant future.  You’ll just have to keep tuning in….. 😉

Have a great week, and before you go CLICK HERE to listen to ‘Nocturne per il Bambino’, we know you will LOVE it!!