Happy Monday all!  Another sunny one here, albeit still rather chilly and surprisingly gusty.  I am a little late writing this week due to a very silly error on my part which set my routine all out of kilter.  My usual Monday morning food shop was stopped in its tracks when I realised I had shopping bags but no handbag.  Silly Mummy.  Given that I try to avoid supermarkets beyond 9am I decided there was no point in retrieving said handbag and returning to the supermarket, and resolved myself to the fact that food shopping will be done tomorrow morning instead.  What this impressive forgetfulness brought about however, was enough time to finish and record a brand new lullaby shortly to be added to the Lullaby Lu Collection….

Lullaby Lu the Composer

I LOVE writing songs, and in particular, I love writing lullabies.  They epitomise everything in music that I am passionate about – flowing, haunting melodies, harmonies, and lyrics capturing the essence of a unique relationship, full of emotion and sincerity.  This most recent lullaby encompasses all these things, and brings the focus of the lyrics to the music itself, telling baby that this is their song, to be sung slowly and softly while they sleep and dream, their song for now and forever.

Each of our lullabies that can be personalised carry a certain message.  We all have very different feelings on what we would like our child, or indeed any child precious to us, to hear in their very special song as they go to sleep.  One lullaby for all just doesn’t work!  Some will find it too soppy and sweet, others will find it void of sentiment, some will hate the tune and others will find the whole thing utterly pointless (lullabies aren’t for everyone!).  So the Lullaby Lu Collection isn’t just a menu of different songs, it is a selection of different messages and wishes in the form of music.  This is why our bespoke packages exist.  For those who just cannot find a lullaby that says everything they want to say, we can write one here that will say it all.

Nocturne Per il Bambino

So, keep an eye out for our new lullaby, a sample of which will be added to the website very shortly.  ‘Nocturne Per il Bambino’ (or Nocturne for the child) is being polished, tweaked and perfected ready for your lovely ears.

Music speaks to our little ones as early as when they are still tucked up snugly inside, so take a look at our Collection, listen to the lyrics and see which lullaby captures what you would like to say to your baby.  We can make sure that they hear your wishes and dreams for them, your words of love and promise every time they close their eyes to sleep.  A personal and truly unique gift.  Haven’t heard them?  Well listen HERE!

Have a great week lullaby lovers!