Why a Personalised Gift for Baby…?

It is funny, this age of ‘personalised gifts’.  What does it mean?  Why are we buying them over non-personalised gifts?  I think it is fair to say that to see our name displayed on something certainly gives us that warm feeling inside and somehow bonds us instantly to whatever item it is we see before us.  It’s like stamping an instant claim on something pretty or cuddly or useful, and as a gift there is that added pleasure of knowing that someone else has thought of you and made that item that little bit extra special, just for you.  We all love a bit of personalisation!!

But – if you are a baby, having your name put on something doesn’t mean all that much to you does it?  Until of course you are older and know that it is your name.  That’s not to say it’s not hugely special, it is, but in terms of what you actually gain from it being personalised, that only comes some time later – and can certainly come in abundance!  I’ve seen my two girls grow up and enter into the age of recognising letters and the formation of letters that make up THEIR name.  The joy and sense of achievement that they feel when they recognise it is huge, and to see it on one of their teddies, or on a blanket that they use, or on the fork and spoon that they use at dinner time – well that just cranks up the levels to HYPER JOY!

But – (and if you can’t see where this is heading I’ll be very surprised…..) I think hearing their name has the potential to mean more to a baby than seeing it.  They hear their name all the time, and after a few months can respond to the sound of their own name being called.  Throw that in with a lot of research and studies out there that indicate a positive effect of music on the development of babies’ cognitive function and a musical personalised gift seems all the more appealing…..right?!

You Can Get More Personal with a Personalised Lullaby!

I am biased, of course I am biased, but I think that a lullaby ticks the personalised baby gift boxes on more than one level.  Yep, it’s personalised with the baby’s name.  But not just in a visual sense (in the artwork or greetings card that you may wish to accompany the lullaby), but in an auditory sense too.  That means baby can appreciate the personalisation all the earlier, almost instantly some might suggest!

A lullaby can be played any time, and pretty much anywhere these days!  It can become synonymous with bedtime, nap time and baby’s own nursery or bedroom.  It can also be part of any car journey, bringing the comfort and safety of home into a different setting to help baby settle and to go to sleep.  It can be played quietly through a phone whilst sitting in a coffee shop, or sitting in the park….and let’s not forget that a lullaby can be easily learnt and sung by Mum, Dad and anyone else who wishes to learn it – a personalised gift that can exist in your memory and can be accessed literally any time!

Spread the Lullaby Lu Word!

Of course, this ever so personal personalised gift will be missed by so many if Lullaby Lu is not known to be an option for all those looking for such!  We are new, we are small, but we are certain that we can be something extra special for new babies and children alike.  So get talking!  Get shouting!  Consider us for the next personalised baby gift you need to buy, because we are confident that we can give you a really extra personal, personalised gift.

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