Happy Monday all!  I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and fun-filled half term with your little or not so little ones.  We did here, and now it is back to the usual weekly routine.  So while my children are enjoying the interests and delights of a school day, I am sat with my phone pressed to my ear listening to the distorted piano music that is the designated ‘on hold’ theme for my bank, waiting for my adviser to return to me with the revelation that will explain where a certain sum of money has quite literally disappeared to.  This is a thrill beyond words, obviously, but to add to this elation I am typing this week’s blog, one handed, in order to actually achieve something with my limited free time this morning (younger daughter requires collecting at 1pm, aaaarrgghhhh!!!).

The Significance of Baby’s Swarovski Crystal Birthstone

So this week, I wanted to look at one tiny element of Lullaby Lu’s special lullaby packages, and this is the small but ever so dazzling Swarovski crystal that you can find embedded in the framed artwork or greetings card (or both!) that depicts baby’s birthstone.  Every little baby is born with a sparkling gemstone that is associated with their birth month, and there is no doubt that each little baby will find that their bright life tapestry will be studded here and there with a piece of jewellery that displays their birthstone in all its glory!  I am, needless to say, ecstatic that my birthday is in April, and have therefore earned the birth ‘right’ to own a diamond or two…. 😉

But the significance of the birthstone is rooted in ancient history it seems, with it’s beginnings apparently stemming from the Bible.  The breastplate of ‘Aaron’, or ‘Aaron the Priest’ to be more specific.  Within the Bible, Aaron is the first High Priest of the Israelites, and also Moses’ brother (ohhhh, HIS brother…!).  Aaron’s breastplate is described (within the book of Exodus) as having displayed four rows of three precious stones, each (through interpretation of the text) thought to correspond to a month of the year and a sign of the zodiac.  The stones found within each row are apparently disputed, making the final well denoted list something evolved from guess work and possibly a little imagination.  Well, the ins and outs are not as simple as that, but the details of this biblical anecdote are not something we need delve into now.  But very interesting that the premise, the birth of the birthstone if you like, began so very far back in history.

But there is also the metaphysical side to the birthstone and what each stone is said to bring to one’s spiritual energy.  There is far too much information on this to be included on a teeny weeny little blog, but just to exemplify the ideology, let’s take a look at diamond, the birthstone for April.  It is deemed to be a winter gem, the colour of ice, but it is also a crystal of light due to its brilliance and light reflecting qualities.  It is a spiritual stone and a symbol of perfection and illumination.  It’s hardness has evoked its portrayal as a stone of invincibility that brings courage, victory and superior strength to all who wear it.  Apparently, a diamond’s brilliance will decrease with guilt and increase with innocence… (I bet there are some of you looking at a ring on your finger RIGHT NOW!!  Haha, slightly dim is it??  Get thee to a sunny spot!…).  These descriptions of all the birthstones are really interesting and also slightly amusing to the less spiritual gemstone wearer – definitely something to return to at a later date me thinks…

Today, the birthstone list is quite a rigid construct that we all refer to at some point, even if it’s just out of interest!  Needless to say, it was the jewellers who finally drafted and published the official birthstone list in 1912 (the American National Association of Jewellers) – of course they did!! What a brilliant way of convincing people that they ‘need’ a certain kind of gemstone in their lives?!  It comes as no surprise then, that a company trading tanzanite tried to get in on the deal and suggested the gemstone be added to the birthstone list as representing solely the birth of a child, and dispensing with the whole month thing altogether!!  Hah!  The nerve of some people…

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Lullaby…

So isn’t it rather nice to see baby’s birthstone represented in the baby gift packages that we offer?!  They add the twinkle and sparkle to a vintage style motif, but also provide information that parents always want to know at some point!  If there is artwork accompanying baby’s lullaby, all mum, dad and baby (when they are older) need do is look up at their lullaby hung on the wall to find their birthstone as well as their star sign and birth flower!

Ahhhhh, so you see, I emphasise again just how personal each of our lullabies and various packages really are.  We have tried very hard to make them special and unique to each child, not a generic off-the-shelf gift.  I think future blogs will definitely consider the other birthstones and their meanings, that could be VERY interesting indeed!  Why a collection of lullabies to represent each one is extremely tempting….Don’t forget to look at our packages and listen to our lullabies…Lullaby Lu Packages

Until next time!