is Finally Here!

And here we are, Lullaby Lu has finally joined the modern age and is ‘online’!  It is amazing to have something so clean and so perfectly Lullaby Lu to represent what we offer, what we do and what we are about.  The move from Facebook to Website is huge and makes it so much easier for you to hear our personalised lullabies and more importantly to choose and buy the package that you want.  Hopefully you will find us an inspired and fresh addition to the personalised baby gift market!  I am hoping that you are afforded a smooth and easy journey through our site when you pop in and take a look around, it was definitely designed with a clear, straight road in mind.

What are our Personalised and Bespoke Lullaby Gifts all About?

They are about capturing a sentiment, delivering a heartfelt message or promise and embedding it deep into the heart of  a child’s happy memories.  They are about permanency, longevity and lasting into antiquity.  We all remember a song or a rhyme that our parents said or sang to us when we were little, and just hearing it now, when we are older, transports us straight back to our childhood home, and brings back visions, smells and feelings that otherwise exist deep in our memory banks.  We offer a chance for parents, family and friends to gift a baby or child their very own lullaby that can be sung to them or listened to in those precious, quiet moments when they drift off to sleep.  They are a musical key to their happy first memories, and one that can be used to unlock these treasures at any point in their lives.  All they have to do is press play, close their eyes or sing…  Follow the link to listen for yourself…

The Journey to .com…

I have heard so many people say that setting up their website was a painful process, a hard, arduous slog that brought reasonable results.  Well, I must have done something good in 2015, because creating Lullaby Lu’s website has been an amazingly fun, exciting and pretty trouble-free experience from start to finish.  Yes, I know – I have most probably doomed the poor site before it’s even got going by lavishing the praise, but I can honestly say I have nothing negative to say about the experience at all!  Why?  I found the right web designer.  I am no expert (Hah!  Seriously, I am NO expert!), but if I were to give one piece of advice to anyone about to pursue the same challenge, I would say find someone who listens to you.  And I don’t mean someone who nods and throws in a few ‘yeps’ and ‘uh-huhs’ before leaning forward and verbally nudging your shoulders to face an entirely different direction.  Find someone who takes time to understand your visions and your concepts, and uses those as the clay within your final gleaming, varnished masterpiece.  The clay can be manipulated and moulded, stretched and squashed, but the end result will still have the original foundation at its core, and will therefore be a true representation of you and your business.  Thank you Clockwork Design for painlessly and determinedly getting Lullaby Lu to this next, exciting stage – it’s going to be a fun ride!