Hello all!  Happy Easter Monday – if you are anything like me you have single-handedly kept the chocolate industry afloat over the last couple of days and are now thinking of ways to ‘use’ the remaining Easter chocolate that doesn’t involve just grabbing it and, well, scoffing it.  I have done very well on the Easter egg front and my initial elation is being replaced by fear of my own lack of will power and an almost imminent chocolate binge – thus is the strength of my faith in my own will power….!!

What an Absolutely Lovely Idea!

This is the response I always get when someone asks me about Lullaby Lu.  I explain that we write personalised and bespoke lullabies for babies and children, and describe our vintage theme and package options, and people are always really taken with the entire concept.  It’s a wonderful thing to hear and a very inspiring reaction to see, particularly when it is followed by ‘that is so unusual, I’ve not seen anything like that out there’.

Personalised music for children is not unusual, but to have a lullaby penned just for one individual child is definitely a unique service at present.  The personal touches that can be included only enhance the intimate and personal nature of our gifts, pinpointing baby’s star sign, birth flower and birth stone as well as baby’s full name and date of birth.  Not often can you buy a gift that includes so many personal facets, and that brings all these details together into one cherished keepsake.

They are Beautiful – I Wouldn’t Mind one for Me!

Yep – this is another rather frequent comment from our lovely customers!  It is yet another compliment, and for us, it is a particularly meaningful one.  Right from the birth of Lullaby Lu as a mere idea, it was always our intention to create beautiful music for children – not childish music.  A keepsake with longevity has to be able to last through the years and therefore through the growth and development of the recipient.  I am highly unlikely to choose the old cassette tapes of my youth as music for my car (that’s not to say I don’t like hearing them every now and then for a hit of nostalgia), nor am I going to pick up the CD of plinky-plunky nursery rhymes that make anyone over 2 want to pull their own ears off and toss them afar…..childish music has its place, but soon sees itself being left in the past.  Beautiful music for children stands the test of time, and continues to be relevant through a child’s growth and into their adulthood – one reason why our lullabies appeal to old as well as young (and all in between, of course….).

Be One of the First to Give the Gift of Music…

We have created some lovely lullaby packages for new babies and children, as christening gifts, as new-born gifts, and for children just ‘because’ in some cases!  We have sent out many, but if we look at how many we have sent out and the number of babies and children out there, there are so many people who would quite possibly love our lullabies and whom don’t yet know of our special and unique personalised gifts.  Don’t be afraid to be different, don’t be afraid to try something new – the feedback we receive is always so positive and sincere, and with our faith in the beautiful music and vintage style packages we offer we are certain that the gift of music could be as near perfect a personalised gift as you could wish to find…

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